Easier Read – what #LBBill could say and do

by stevebroach

Again, thanks to Anne at Barod CIC for this easier read version of my words.

The original version of this post has more detail.

Here are some ideas about #LBBill

Parliament has rules for Private Members Bills.
Our ideas have to follow their rules.
A big rule is that the new law cannot cost extra money.

Some people who want #JusticeforLB work in universities. They will make sure our ideas follow the rules.

Other people want to change the law too. They want new laws so disabled people have a right to live independently. These are big ideas.

We want to keep #LBBill very simple. A simple idea is easier to make into a law than a big idea.

At the moment I think the #LBBill needs 3 ideas:

Idea 1
A disabled person may need the NHS or local council to find them somewhere to live. #LBBill will have a list of rules. The rules will say how the NHS or local council must do this. For example, the NHS or local council must think about what someone wants, think about ways to keep them local and think about ways to help them be part of their community. If the NHS or local council breaks the rules, the disabled person or their family can ask the court to make them follow the rules.

Idea 2
The NHS or local council can only move a person if:
The person agrees (if they are over 16)
Their parent agrees (if the person is a child aged under 16)
The Court of Protection agrees (if they are over 16 but cannot make their own choice)
A Court called the Family Division agrees (if they are under 16 and they don’t have a parent who can make the decision for them) for them)

We think this will make the NHS and local councils think harder before they make people move.

A disabled person may get sent somewhere by a criminal court . So Idea 2 won’t work for them. But Idea 1 will still work.

A disabled person may get “sectioned”. This means they must go to hospital for mental health treatment. So Idea 2 won’t work for them. But Idea 1 will still work.

Idea 3
The local councils and NHS must make sure there is enough support for disabled people in the community. This is very important because it will mean less people need to be sent away from home.

I think this law will help.
It will not solve all the problems for disabled people.
But it will stop so many people being moved a long way from home.
I think it will stop people like Connor from dying.

This is what I think.
But what you think is what is important.

Tell us what you think.
If you use twitter, send a tweet use #LBBill. Then we can all see what you think.
If you use Facebook, ask to join the #LBBill group and post a comment there
If you use email, please email me at sbroach@monckton.com
You can post a comment here on this blog.

You can ask a friend, family member or independent advocate to help you tell us what you think.

The Bill must be ready by June 2015. By then we have to:
• agree what to put in the law
• get lots of MPs to agree with us

We will need everyone’s help and ideas!