Easier read – #LBBill – how to make it happen

This is the easier read version of my post #LBBill – thoughts on process and timeline. Thanks so much again to Anne Collis at Barod CIC for these words.


Anyone can be part of writing #LBBill.

Here  is some information to help you get involved.


The Private Members Bills will be chosen in June 2015.

By then we must:

  • write the Bill
  • get lots of MPs to sign up to support the Bill


Writing the Bill


When we write the Bill, we must:

  • make sure everyone can have a say
  • make sure the Bill is what disabled people want


No-one can just sit down and write #LBBill.

#LBBill belongs to all of us, so we all need a say.


I think we can all have a say if we do this:

  • Write down our first ideas for a new law. We need to do this by September.
  • Send our ideas to lots of people
  • Lots of people tell us what they think
  • Have a go at writing #LBBill
  • Send #LBBill to lots of people
  • Lots of people tell us what they think
  • Have another go at writing #LBBill. We need to finish this by Christmas.


We do not have any money for the work on #LBBill.

This means we can’t pay for meetings or videos or Easy Read.


Some people are already helping for free.

Can you help for free?

Or maybe you have good ideas about how everyone can have a say?


If you can help other people to have their say, please:

You might want to ask a friend, family member or independent advocate to help you do these things.


Getting MPs to support the Bill


It is OK to start talking to your MP now. You can:

  • tell them about the problem
  • tell them we want a new law


By January 2015, we will have written #LBBill.

Then we can start asking MPs to sign up to support #LBBill.


We need as many MPs as possible to sign up because:

  • only 20 MPs get chosen for a Private Members Bill.

We must make sure some of the 20 MPs support our Bill.

  • for a Bill to become law, most MPs must support it.

It helps if the Government supports it too.


We will need to talk to:

  • all the political parties
  • civil servants who work for the Government


But for now it is more important to talk to the MPs.

If lots of MPs support #LBBill it is more likely that the government will support it.


Here are some free ways to get MPs to support #LBBill.

  • We can send emails
  • We can write letters
  • Local groups can ask to meet their MP.


If we can find some money, we can hold an event at the House of Commons.


We must make a lot of noise. We want to show MPs that people’s lives are important.


The May election


There is an election in May 2015.

We choose our MPs at the election.

The party with the most MPs gets to be the new Government.


This makes it harder for us.

We will need to talk to the MPs who are MPs now.

But we will need to talk to anyone who might get elected in May as well.


What do you think?


These are my ideas about what we need to do.


What do you think?

Please let us know!