Easier read – what ‘we’ means

by stevebroach

Thanks again to Anne at Barod CIC for these easier words.

When I blog, I keep saying “we”.

So who is “we”?

“We” means:

  • anyone who wants to change the law so disabled people have a right to live in the community and
  • people who are part of Justice for LB


What is Justice for LB?

Justice for LB is not an organization.

Justice for LB is a social movement.

A social movement means:

  • a lot of people believe the same thing
  • those people start to talk to each other
  • they try to change something

A social movement does not have a list of members.

You do not have to be invited. Anyone can choose to be part of the movement.

You are part of Justice for LB if:

  • you believe what happened to Connor was wrong
  • you talk to other people who think it was wrong
  • you want to stop it happening to other people


What is #LBBill?

#LBBill is not a project. No-one is the boss. No-one is getting paid.

#LBBill is a way for Justice for LB to try to change the law.

Anyone can be part of #LBBill. You do not have to be invited.  You are part of #LBBill if:

  • you tell people what you think about the Bill
  • you help other people to say what they think

You can do that by:

You could ask friends, family members or independent advocates to help you do any of these things.

Changing the law will not be easy.

I hope disabled people will want to work together to make the ideas for #LBBill into a law.