Easier read – #LBBill – what happens after June 2015

This is the easier read version of my second post on the process and timeline for #LBBill – thanks as always to Anne at Barod CIC.


My last blog says what will happen with #LBBill from now until June 2015.

This blog is about what happens after June 2015.


Why is June 2015 important?

June 2015 is when the ballot happens.

The ballot is when the names of 20 MPs are pulled out of a hat.

Only these 20 MPs can have a Private Members Bill.

The first MP gets to go first with his or her Private Members Bill.

The second MP gets to go next.

Usually, there is only time for the first 6 MPs to get a go at changing the law.


Here is what may happen in the ballot.


    1. None of the 20 MPs support #LBBill

We start planning for the 2016 ballot.


  1. An MP outside the top 6 supports #LBBill

We try to get a lot of publicity for #LBBill.

We try to get the Government to support #LBBill.

Then we start planning for the 2016 ballot.


  1. An MP in the top 6 supports #LBBill

We help the MP to make the Bill into a new law.


This is what happens if an MP who supports #LBBill gets chosen in the ballot.


June 2015 to Autumn 2015

We must work hard to get the Government to support #LBBill.

We must work hard to get all the MPs to support #LBBill.

We will need everyone to talk to their MP.

We will help you to do this.


In Autumn 2015, the MPs get to say what they think about #LBBill.

If the MPs vote to support #LBBill, we go to the next step.

If the MPs do not support #LBBill, the Bill stops.


Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016

Next step is to go to the House of Lords.

We need to get:

  • a member of the House of Lords to be in charge of #LBBill
  • all members of the House of Lords to support #LBBill


If the House of Lords votes to support #LBBill, we go back to the House of Commons.

Then we need to talk with the Government.

If we are lucky, we will end up with a #LBBill that does what we want and that the Government will support.


If everything works well, #LBBill could become law in Spring 2016.


  • There are a lot of steps for #LBBill
  • All the steps are hard
  • #LBBill has to get through all the steps to become law
  • It is very rare for a Private Members Bill to become law


There is a lot of support for #JusticeforLB and #LBBill

I think this means we have a real chance to change the law.


Please ask me questions.

You can use the comments below.

You can use Twitter (@stevebroach).


My next #LBBill blog will be about some more ideas about what to put into #LBBill.