Easier Read – #LBBill – making the Mental Capacity Act work

This is the easier read version of my last post on how #LBBill could change the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to make it work better for disabled people and families. Thanks again to Anne Collis at Barod for these easier words.

People are talking about what to put in the #LBBill.

Here are two things people are talking about.

  • Independent advocacy. This means having someone to speak up for you, or to help you speak up. I think this will be in the new Care Act. So it does not need to be in #LBBill as well.
  • Some people with autism or learning disabilities get ‘sectioned’. This means they have to get treatment even if they and their families do not want it. The law about this is called the Mental Health Act 1983. I think this law needs changing but it will be difficult to do this. I will write about this in another blog.

This blog is about changing the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The Mental Capacity Act is about who can make decisions.

The Act says how to work out if someone is not able to make their own decision about something. Then, it says how that decision should be taken for that person.

I think #LBBill can make two changes to the Mental Capacity Act:

  1. The Act must stop saying people’s wishes and feelings are just one thing to think about. The Act must say people’s wishes and feelings are the most important thing to think about.
  1. The Act must stop saying that professionals may listen to family members. The Act must say family members must be consulted unless it is proved that this would be bad for the disabled person.

I think these two changes will make it harder to move disabled people away from their communities where this isn’t what they want.

What do you think? Would these changes help?

Can you think of other ways to make the Mental Capacity Act work better?

Please keep talking about what you think needs to be in #LBBill.

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