#LBBill draft two published

by stevebroach

On the eve of the general election, the Justice for LB campaign published draft two of #LBBill. The proposed new law in LB’s memory is intended to promote disabled people’s right to live in their community with choices equal to others. Thanks to the hundreds if not thousands of people who gave feedback on draft one and to all everyone who has worked on draft two.

The purpose of this post is to flag the materials published with draft two of the Bill and invite comment and feedback. Changes can still be made and a further draft can be produced if needed. We would also welcome your support for the Bill – you can sign up as a supporter here if you have not yet done so.

The new materials are:

For more background, please see the Bill website and my earlier posts on this blog.

We look forward to your thoughts and comments and hopefully your support. Once we have new MPs we will be lobbying them all to support the Bill, including through adopting it if they are chosen in the Private Members Bill ballot in July.